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Staff meeting at ACM

Staff meeting at ACM – review and outlook

The joy was great:

ACM AG achieved a positive annual result in 2019. This despite unforeseeable events and developments in some industrial sectors and the resulting fluctuations in the order situation. Erwin Veithen, Administrative Director, was very pleased about an overall rising trend in incoming orders and a balanced customer portfolio.

The balance of industrial sectors in which ACM is active proves to be positive. It ranges from the automobile, aviation, wood and paper industries to the construction and energy sectors, the service and pharmaceutical industries and medical technology. A strong field of activities with the most varied demands on man and technology.

High performance capacity

Numerous new customers were acquired. This was and is particularly due to the great commitment and flexibility of the entire workforce. The strengths of the company lie in their reactivity, short delivery times, high flexibility for custom-made products and the bundling of services. Erwin Veithen emphasizes that in particular the variety of work steps and follow-up activities performed by ACM can be used even better. This would save some customers additional handling and thus costs. ACM position themselves as the first choice for the entire metal processing.

Pickled steel

At ACM, only pickled steel is processed. Although the material is more expensive, the advantages are obvious, according to a convinced Pierre-Frédéric Thomas, Technical Director: “The material is low in stress and the steel shows good flatness before cutting. After laser cutting, the material shows less distortion of the cuttings, is free of scale and slag residues and has a more favorable edge formation. In addition, pickled steel is ideal for cold forming”.


In the past year 2019, many new projects were launched to make the company fit for the future. In particular, investments were made in new edging machines and a lathe. Also a measuring and testing centre was set up. A special focus was set on training. This, according to Erwin Veithen, is well invested money. For example, staff in all departments were trained and further educated and the company participated in various training forums, such as the apprenticeship market, discovery days, etc. All these initiatives are again on the agenda in 2020.

In his closing words, the founder and chairman of the board of directors Gerhard Schrauben emphasized that all these measures and important tasks serve to secure and create jobs. He thanked the entire workforce for their outstanding commitment.