Machine construction

Several sectors of the industry

ACM is your partner for the manufacture of

  • Industrial plant
  • Customised industrial machinery

Custom-made services

ACM takes responsibility for the whole project. The requested plant or customised machinery will be delivered ready for operation. Our services include construction, manufacture, assembly, pneumatics, hydraulic systems, electric control, internal testing and transport packaging.

As a matter of course, we carry out the on-site set-up, with test run and operating instructions.
During the whole manufacturing process, the necessary quality control is carried out by qualified ACM personnel.

ACM stands for on-schedule delivery.

Our clients are to be found in the following industrial sectors:

  • Caoutchouc and PVC
  • Automobile
  • Food
  • Aviation
  • Medicine
  • Wood
  • Building and construction
  • Paper
  • Renewable energy production
  • Furnace construction
  • Materials handling
  • Steel and stainless steel production
Construction de machines avec ACM
Construction de machines avec ACM